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down profits, i'm certainly not standing in your way. good evening. democrats are celebrating four years of out of control spending, taxing the most successful. 8.3% unemployment. a job-killing obama care nationalized medicine. record gas prices? a record number of americans on food stamps, doubling in the past four years to 47 million. this comes as a debt clock goes above the $16 trillion dollar mark. and the worst josh, an worst economy record in the post war era, back to 1947. so go ahead and celebrate, democrats. but as my mentor ronald reagan used to say --
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>> ask yourself, are you better off than you were four years ago? is it easier for you to go and buy things in the stores than it was four years ago? is there more orless unemployment in the country than there was four years ago? >> well, i don't think so. and i don't think the democrats should be celebrating. that's just my opinion. we will debate. and also, a comment reportedly by bill clinton has everyone buzzing. quote, a few years ago this guy, meaning president obama, would have been carrying our bags. quite a distasteful comment. but ed klein, author of "the amateur" is our special guest on the whole clinton speech and the convention. the market down $55, the ism manufacturing index fell below 50 for the third straight month. however, better news, car sales up $14.5 million in august. that's a good sign. let me tell you something to
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think about. the professional traders may be rooting for a bad jobs number on friday. why? that's because one, it would guarantee more fed stimulus and two, would help romney to win. we will discuss that. but first up, democrats gather in charlotte, north carolina, for their convention. and that's what cnbc's own john harwood joins us live with the details. good evening, john. >> good evening, larry. the former governor of virginia and former democratic chairman is speaking behind me. this is the week when democrats begin to counter what they heard from republicans last week. and to answer that question, try to make the argument that president obama has done some good for the economy and that mitt romney would take it backwards in the next four years. now, the president is going to get some help from bill clinton tomorrow night in his speech in prime time. he's going to speak on thursday. but today, just like mitt romney a week ago, he's going to get some help from his wife who
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because she's nonpolitical is much more popular. president obama made reference to that today. >> i know that whatever i say here today, it's going to be at best a distant second to the speech you will hear tonight from the star of the obama family, michelle obama. you know, this is just like a relay and you start off with the fastest person. >> now, of course, you're also going to hear from the mayor of san antonio, rising star within the democratic party. one of the key swing votes in this election, larry. >> john, can you ever remember a time -- i can't, when the two wives gave major prime time speeches? this is really something new, isn't it? >> i think it is, larry. and i think it has to do with the collapse of trust and
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authority and political figures in both parties. so these guys, both mitt romney and barack obama need a lift from their wives who soften their image, are much more popular, have much higher approval ratings. this is because public regard for washington, for people in elected office, for leaders of both parties is at a record low. >> all right. terrific stuff. many thanks, cnbc's john harwood. before i bring in my next guest, i want to play some tape. back at the dnc convention in 2008, archer davis seconding barack obama's official presidential nomination. please take a listen. >> i am honored to second the nomination of the man whose victory tonight takes us closer to becoming what we know america can be, ladies and gentlemen. >> all right. well, that was then. now mr. davis has made a right turn towards the gop. just last week at the republican national convention in tampa, florida, he gave a barn burning
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headline speech in support of republican presidential candidate mitt romney. please take a listen. >> some of you may know the last time i spoke at a convention, it turned out i was in the wrong place. my fellow republicans, thank you for welcoming me where i belong! >> all right. joining us to discuss cnbc contributor howard dean, former vermont governor and himself a former presidential candidate, and also with us archer davis, former democratic congressman from alabama. now a staunch supporter, out on the campaign trail with team romney and ryan. all right, archer, you gave a hell of a speech. i heard it all. what's your biggest beef with the democrats. what's your biggest beef with your former democratic party.
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>> i'm glad i don't have to be in charlotte defending the kbhik policies that failed. i'm glad i don't need to say the democrats have new ideas to turn the jobs numbers around when they don't. i'm glad i don't have to be in charlotte making the case an aborted recovery three years ago was not so bad and i'm glad i don't have to defend the democratic strategy, take more money from the people growing well and grow the footprint of government on a range of issues, the democratic party are in very different places. they have the wrong economic prescripti prescription. this year, romney-ryan has the right economic prescription. >> howard dean, i feel everything archer said was quite sensible. i think independents and certain democrats are going to convert to romney, but i must give you equal time, what's your take? >> i appreciate the equal time, larry. we were losing 600,000 jobs when
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barack obama became president. now we're gaining 150,000, 200,000 a month. we had a lot of troops in iraq when barack obama became president. the truth of the matter is barack obama put gm back together. osama bin laden was at large. barack obama got rid of him. i would say this president has done a pretty damn good job and we're definitely better off than we were four years ago. >> archer, your response to this whole question of being better off than we were four years ago is going to come back on the show. it's one of our themes. how do you react to what howard dpeen just said? >> i give governor o'malley from my next door state of maryland. his first instinct was not to fix his face, to say something that he knew would sound absurd to the american people. the reason he would not say we're doing better off because the way american people see that
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is not. housing prices are still under water for many families. the foreclosure rate is still high. it's very tough to sell a house and make any kind of a profit on it. and we just finished two opening quarters this year where grope is barely above 1%. so given all the promises the administration made four years ago, and i do think it was -- if you pass the stimulus, if you give my economic policies, unemployment will be at 7.5%. there's a completely unexpected number, like 500,000 jobs being created on a friday, which nobody expects. we're going to hit our 44th consecutive month of unemployment above 8%. the american people know in their own lyes, conditions haven't gotten better. >> and howard dean, archer davis and many republicans at the rnc
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convention in tampa said that barack obama is growing government we cannot afford. now, you were a fiscally prudent governor of vermont. i never want to forget that. is it not true, as arch enand many republicans that, in fact, president obama is just spending in ways we simply cannot afford? >> no, that's not true. what got us in this was eight years of policy we had. we don't want another four years of that policy. mitt romney's policy is george bush's policy. they cut taxes for people who made more than $1 million a year. that put us in a war with iraq they didn't pay for. i wouldn't trust paul ryan and mitt romney to run our economy any more than i trust george bush or dick cheney. i think obama has done a hell of a good job trying to get us out of this. we were facing the worst recession since the great depression. yes, we spent money bailing out the banks, yet, yes spent money
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bailing out general motors and chrysl chrysler. and those people have jobs today. they wouldn't have had jobs under a republican administration. we had enough with romney's trickle down economics. it never trickles down. i don't want to blame people for wanting to be rich. but in order to do that, he's going to raise taxes $2,000 on the average middle class family in this country. i don't think we want to go there. >> archer davis, at what point does barack obama and his strong supporters quick blaming bush for everything and begin taking responsibility for their own administration? >> probably january 2013. or november 2012. as for dean who started out as a pragmatic governor of vermont, i haven't heard him defend the numbers that i threw out there. and i'll add one more. the president has absolute control, unilateral control over
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the budget that he smits to congress. congress may not pass it, but the president can submit the one he wants. three $1 trillion deficits in a row submitted by president obama, who has not made a serious effort, even to follow his own spending recommendations to get a handle on spending. three $1 trillion proposed budgets in a row that not even a i think isle democrat in congress voted for. >> it was paul ryan who voted against the same proposal that president obama turned down. we're a lot better off than europe. everybody acknowledges that, both mitt romney and barack obama. the reason is because of the budgets that barack obama submit pd .we did not make the mistake of cranking down austerity, which herbert hoover did during the depression. what archer davis is proposing is just plain bad republican economics. we've had a huge deficit caused by unpaid bills.
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when bush went out and gave all those tax cuts, if he wanted to do the right thing, he would have cut programs. but they didn't have the nerve to do that. we've had enough of that kind of stuff. we can get out of these deficits, but it certainly isn't going to be under the leadership of the republicans. the last president to balance the budget before bill clinton sf lyndon johnson. only drats have bool lanced the budget in the last 40 years. republicans borrow and spend. that's what they have done. that's what's at stake in this election. >> our standard is not europe. it's disappointing to a lot of americans when you hear them say we're not quite as bad of shape as europe. our standards, what we used to know how to do in this country. bill clinton knew how to create jobs and ronald reagan knew how to create jobs. we were at the point in the reagan presidency where because of his his policies of returning dollars to the american people and unleashing our businesses, we were at the point where we
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were parading a million jobs a month for seven consecutive months. we don't have to go to europe to find the template. we can look at what president reagan's policies did, and i think most people in your audience know it's going to be romney who comes a lot closer to that strategy than barack obama. >> appreciate the debate very much. we've got to move on. howard dean, thank you. >> as always, archer davis, appreciate it very much. coming up on "kudlow" are professional traders actually cheering for a bad jobs number on friday? so that it would guarantee fed action? and that would damage president obama's reelection? it's such a cynical thought possible? our next guest, the ceo of bull and bear partners is going to tell us. don't forget, free market capitalism is the best path to prosperi prosperity. i'm larry kudlow. we'll be right back. you know what i love about this country?
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stocks kick off september in the red. ism manufacturing and construction both fell weaker than expected. car sales, however, jumped $14.5 million, that's a very good number. but here's the provocative, mean
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spirited cynical erequest i'm going to ask tonight. are market pros hoping for a bad jobs number friday? because it would guarantee fed stimulus and might damage the president's re-election? i'm just being cynical. jack, am i being too cynical? >> no, you're not, larry. it's not something anybody wants to talk about. you're talking about people suffering out there. but the bottom line is this, as the democrats start their celebration to failure, one can only hope that people wake up and make a change in november. the reality is the next couple of months, unless we see huge job number, i think that people have already made up their mind from an economic standpoint. but, you know, what you just said was absolutely right. if you see a bad number this friday, get ready. you have got a fed that is ready to pull the trigger, a fed chairman that's already told us that he's going to step in. in fact, the market has already priced in the fed put and the ecb put for that matter. >> and gold prices are booming, jack. now, does that not suggest a
7:18 pm
whole market is waiting for fed stimulus? >> absolutely. some people think strategic doesn't mean strategic, it's just to keep prices down. >> you've got some serious prices. china is probably in worse shape than people this i. despite car sales is, people are not in great shape. fedex downgraded their outlook based on their global view. of all the indicators, the fedex indicator may be the most important. are you a bull or a bear right now? >> you know, i. 'still a pull long term for the rest of the year. you've got a lot of cash still
7:19 pm
sitting on the sidelines. we hear about it. this market has gone up in the course of the summer on light volume. i talk to portfolio managers in cash and scared. on their door it says portfolio manager. it doesn't say horder of cash. so now they're going to have to start worrying. if they don't -- and i say they. i'm talking about the perma bears and the nonbelievers do not get a break within the next couple of weeks, this could be a september to remember. it could be one of those moves up. all right, jack, we appreciate it. thanks. comingi coming up, polar extremes in policy. reagan versus obama. one work, one doesn't. reagan's solution, lower taxes and other barriers to growth. obama, increase the size and scope of government. former republican texas senator and ub st chairman phil graham tells us the tale of two recoveries coming up next. [ male announcer ] at scottrade,
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7:23 pm
also happens to be a top investment vice chairman. welcome back. first of all, what are your tell-tell sign 37s what are you looking at. there's a big debate about whether the economy is better than it was four years ago. team obama says it is. m this recovery, america created 7 million jobs more than the economy had when the recession started. at this point, we're 4 million jobs short of where we were when the recovery started. secondly, average family income in the reagan recovery grew by $3,400. at this point in the obama recove recovery, the average american family is $4,900 worse off than
7:24 pm
it was when the recession started. and incredibly, their income has fallen more in the recovery than it did in the recession. so nobody can make a compelling argument that the economy is better off today than it was four years ago. >> one interesting thing about your great wall street journal piece is that all these transfer payments and entitlements, food stamps, social security, disability insurance, welfare. during the reagan recovery, these things fell as they should, but in obama recovery, they ear exploding. whoo i is that? what do you reckon is the key factor? >> the key factor was in the reagan years, jobs were growing very rapidly. and even the number of people on disability fell. food stamps fell, unemployment, insurance payments fell. during the obama years, if you take all 120 welfare programs that are spending $1 trillion
7:25 pm
over and over and over again under president obama, those programs have exploded. because the administration is clearly promoting these benefits. for example, if you look on the health and human services. they urge their employees to have parties to give away food, to play bingo to get people to come in and sign up for food stamps. >> senator, isn't that -- i agree with that 100%. >> very unusual. very unusual. >> the heart of the philosophical difference, okay, reagan was for small limited government and lower tax rates. president obama seems to be for larger government, which frankly we can't pay for, and more government dependency. am i being too hard about more government dependency in?
7:26 pm
>> the bottom line is the reagan program providing incentives for people who work, save and invest worked. and the obama program, spending more, taxing more, controlling more is failing. and the unhappy part of it all is there is no evidence whatsoever to substantiate any hope that obama would change policies if he got four more years. >> all right, we're going to leave it there. thank you, former senator phil graham. coming up, bill clinton has a marquee role at the democratic convention. but we are about to break news. clinton might go rogue.klein te exclusively learned. that's next up on the clinton story. i look at her, and i just want to give her everything.
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>> welcome back. from charlotte, north carolina, democrats seem to be beyond the defensive. okay, a president who gives him
7:30 pm
an incomplete on the most important issue of our time, the economy. we wracked up $5 trillion in new debt. is the economy really better off than it was four years ago. gil clinton ripped obama saying he's an amateur, incompetent and doesn't know how to be the president. the same bill clinton that reportedly insulted the president. ed klein, welcome back. bill clinton is going to give one of the keynote speeches for barack obama who has pulled the party far to the left, destroyed
7:31 pm
the leadership council. why is mr. clinton doing this? >> it's in his interest, larry. they had a big, long intense debate between the white house, especially michelle obama and valley jarrett and the clinton people. the white house wanted him to take a minor role at the convention, something along the lines of jimmy carter's role. and he refused. he said listen, either i'm going to give the nominating speech or i ain't going to show up. and they completely collapsed and allowed him to do that because they needed him a lot more than clinton needed the obamas. >> from what you're reporting, clinton will not show h imthe speech he's writing. what does that mean? what's he going to say? >> he writes in long hand on
7:32 pm
yellow legal paper. and the obamas have been demanding and, you know, just being on top of him to try to give them a sense of what he's going to say. he's furious, he will not even respond. he says nothing doing, nobody is going to tell me what to say. and so they have no idea what he's going to say at this convention. >> that's so important. i'm sure clinton will mention obama a few times. isn't kplin ton going to talk about his oempb success in the economy, with which i agree, we had a prosperous economy. what does clinton do about obama who has done it entirely differently? pulling everybody to the left, raising spending, raising the deficit, raising debt, raising tax rates on investors. clinton was more than a moderate. he was pro business. how does he get around it? >> you're right, though, i think
7:33 pm
he's exactly going to say what you just said. he's going to remind america, this is the first time in 12 years that he's had one hour of prime time tv since he left the presidency. he's going to remind america of the clinton brand. that means bill clinton and hillary clinton. because as far as he'll concerned, 2012 is not the key decisive election. 2016 is the election he cares about. that's when hillary is going to run. he's going to talk about how great the clinton years were. he's going to tell us obama will try to carry that out, too, fwu i don't think his heart will be in it obviously. i don't think he's going to fool anybody. >> all right, but people know -- i love these endorsements. the trouble is clinton is not on the ballot. obama is on the ballot. the second trouble is, voters know that. it might be very entertaining to hear mr. cloin ton who's a
7:34 pm
wonderful public speaker, but do you think it really matters? do you think it helps is obama? >> i don't actually. i think it's going to be an invidious comparison, comparison between the effectiveness of the clinton years, especially with economics and the ineffect i haveness to put it mildly of the obama years. i think it's going to do obama some damage. >> did the gop get a good head start on this november race? >> at least they staunched the bleeding. after three months, $200 million of negative campaigning by the obama campaign and their surrogates, i think that mitt romney had taken some very hard shots and he had some wounds. i think he's healed those wounds. if he's done nothing but that,
7:35 pm
that's a lot. now the election really gets going. because he's got the money, number one, more than obama. i think ehe's going to do quite well in the debates. i think now the campaign truly gets going. >> at the end of the day, is that why axelrod prevailed? romney has taken their best shots and it hasn't worked? >> absolutely. my reporting inside the obama campaign in chicago shows that they are actually quite desperate. they have not moved the needle and, in fact, romney is starting to pull ahead in certain key swing states. they really are concerned that
7:36 pm
this election could actually result in a romney romp. so they're going to pull out every stop they possibly can, including bill clinton. >> the name of the book is "amateur." by the way, that phrase amateur was uttered by bill clinton two summers ago about barack obama. so what goes around comes around. ed klein, thanks ever so much. >> thank you, too. >> mitt romney held a debate camp in vermont today. among those attending, yep, frequent kudlow report guest senator rob portman and ed gillesp gillespie. so let's ask, did romney actually get a bounce from last week's republican convention? nobody than ace pollster scott rasmussen can help us more. for all the latest details on the bump, is there a bump, scott? what do you think? >> he got a little bit of a bounce. a week ago, just before the republican convention, romney was trailing by two points in
7:37 pm
our daily tracking poll. today he's up by two points. what he really accomplished was to solidify the republican bias. republicans are more enthusia enthusiast enthusiastic. less likely to say they'll consider a third party option. so yes, it was a nice start. but convention bounces aren't what they used to be. >> let's go there. because you have the democrats immediately after the republicans so now they'll have sfront and center, they're going to get the publicity. you know, is there such a thing as a lasting convention bounce anymore? >> well, that will depend entirely on something that's happening far from charlotte. there's a jobs report you may have heard about coming out friday morning. if that's a bad report, everything from charlotte will be for not. the story will be about the jobs. if it's a good report, it may enhance whatever bounce the president has. >> how about the swing states? i know you're polling the swing states. what do they show? do they show a romney bounce? where is this race in the swing states? >> there's 11 key swing states
7:38 pm
we track every day. mitt romney is up by two points. and that's very significant. four years ago, barack obama carried all 11 of these states. we've also seen the president's job approval has been slipping in these states. part of this may be a convention bounce. part of it is these swing states by definition are very close and will likely to stay that way for at least a coup of weeks. >> is it fair to say in your numbers romney has the lead right now? >> romney has the lead. i'm not a gambling person, larry. i bet romney maybe has the edge and i bet a lit bit, but i wouldn't bet a whole lot of money. it's a very close election, jobs reports, other economic indicators are going to play a key role. neither candidate has broken out at all in the last two months. >> appreciate it. coming up, it's the democrats' turn to celebrate? what do they have to celebrate
7:39 pm
about. four years of out of control spending? 8.3% unemployment? record gas prices? well, our congressional panel is going to chew on the question, are you better off now? that is next up. you know why i sell tools? tools are uncomplicated.
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>> here's your bottom line question. are you better off now than four years snoog why are democrats celebrating in charlotte? taxing the most successful? 8.3% unemployment? a job-killing obama care nationalized medicine? record gasoline prices? record number of americans on food starpmps as the debt clock goes above the $16 trillion dollar mark. doesn't sound good to me. really? are you better off now? because it was my editorial, i'm going to give you first whack to whack me. >> i would never do that, larry.
7:43 pm
you're definitely on the wrong path. the question is, when did you stop beating your wife? are you better off now? i tell you one thing, i know what the last stten months of bh administration was. and now i know that we're improving for the last 30 months in a row, the private sector jobs. and by the way, our inem ploimt rate would be below 8% if it wasn't that we depended and tried to save the country on the backs of police officers, firefighters and teachers. so you can't have it all ways. we need a balanced approach. we needed both parties to come together and have a solution. you know, larry, i've always believed in that. >> all right, senator, i want to give you your shot. talk about the unemployment rate, the overall unemployment rate in terms of marginal workers is actually 15%. and the participation rate has collapsed under obama. some people say the real
7:44 pm
unemployment rate is about 12%. what's your take? >> absolutely. you can't ask a person in this country if they feel better today than they did four years ago. every indication, including all of the things that you said, larry, but what about the fact that you can't even earn money on savings. all the president talks about is more tacks on people who might create jobs, and yet we have this high unemployment rate. we need to look at the reagan model, lower taxes, like mitt romney said, we need to open the keystone pipeline. we need to get people working and people are not working. their home values have gone down, their incomes have gone down. so many are on food stamps. college kids are graduating, they can't get jobs. they're interning for nothing and glad to have the internship. who in this world would actually say we're better off today than we were four years ago?
7:45 pm
>> go ahead, bill. >> larry, let me tell you this -- if i have to sweat in the congress to try to bring about compromise, knowing quite well that only those at the top are going to make it, i am tired of people saying including the senator who i have a great can deal of respect for. i support her on many of our bills. but i have a great deal of apprehension when someone says ewith want to help the job makers. it's laborers in the country, people who work the streets, work the jobs, these are the people that made america strong. >> larry, we want the union people to work. >> excuse me. we had your type of government. >> we want keystone pipeline to open up. >> we had your type of government, 2001 to 2009, you tell me where the jobs were created and i'll listen. >> you know, larry, people don't remember when we went into deficits, it was to pay for the war on terror. that's why we went into
7:46 pm
deficits. >> you're not correct, senator. you're not correct. >> hang on, hang on. >> this president talks about european countries wanting them to spend more money to follow our model? that is the craziest thing i've ever heard. we need to start cutting spending wsh eneed to make sure we are living within a budget. next year, larry, we are going to spend 64% of our budget on mandatory spending. that means that we can't get out of this hole unless we go and look at entitlements so we can save social security and save medicare, but do it in a responsible way. >> larry, i'll tell you what the craziest thing is. the craziest thing is the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, when you look at a chart going out to 2020, the greatest portion of the deficit is those two tax cuts. plus you didn't pay for two wars and prescription drug plan.
7:47 pm
that's the craziest idea i heard. >> every time we have lowered taxes in this country, whether it was -- >> you got to pay your bills, senator. >> we have increased revenue. we increased revenue the old fashioned way by putting people back to work so that they can pay their own fair share of tacks. >> those revenues did not increase. like jackie gleason said, you need to pay your bill. >> revenues did increase after job kennedy. >> i'm talking about the last administration. >> the last administration before obama lowered taxes and revenue increased. >> are you supporting what they did in those eight years? >> excuse me, i am not -- >> are you supporting what they did in four years? >> i think democrats should stop talking about what they inherited. every single indicator is worse than urn you should bush. >> that's not a true. manufacturing has gotten better
7:48 pm
under obama. you have to look at all the numbers. >> manufacturing is not better. >> have a great convention, we appreciate it. as always. coming up on "kudlow" obama democrats in charlotte are not your father's democratic party. that's right. they have moved so far to the left. for me, tax, spend, regulate. they are the party of public unions, public dependency. they're the party of central planning. our ace political round table is going to face off next. that's another wee bit of my editorial. way too far szott lefto the lef democrats. we'll be right back. my volt is the best vehicle i've ever driven.
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all right, president obama now seems to be distancing his own economic record. take a listen to how he rated hymn on the economy yesterday in an interview in colorado springs. >> your party says you inherited a bad situation. you've had 3 1/2 situations to fix it. what grade would you give yourself so far for doing it? >> i would say incomplete. >> incomplete. >> all right, the democrats seem to agree. so let's talk now live from the dnc in charlotte. talk about the shift of the party to the left. government unions and handouts. let's talk to mike steel.
7:53 pm
we were looking for stan greenberg. i'm sorry, something may have happened to him. but i'm more than happy to just talk to my friend michael steele, because it just seems to me, you've got this democratic party which was completely yanked and pulled itself further to the left than anything you or i have seen in our political lifetimes. how did this happen? is it just obama that's done this? >> no. i think obama was a catalyst for a long, you know, seated desire to move in this direction. i think, you know, the demonization of profit and, you know, sort of beating up on wall street and so obama used those nice tones back in 2008 to lure wall street into supporting him. the next four years, basically kicked them to the curb which, you know, for a lot of rank and file, was just perfectly fine. so this idea now coming into this convention is one where they're looking to finish the
7:54 pm
job. the next four years, i think, would be you should his administration a further, you know, taking away of a lot of those freedoms that are associated with free markets. and so there is the ebeginning. i think this is why this battle was so important, larry. this really important philosophical debate about the role of government in the world we live in. >> right. see, i don't think in 2008, i don't think most voters knew how far to the left obama was going to go. what i'm positing is, now they know. some disenchanted democrats and dints are not going to vote for him and he's going to lose. now we know what his real philosophy, that changes everything. >> well, i think the question of the weekend, which is has now pled to the beginning of this convention is, are you better off than you were four years ago? and the fact is that a significant number of his
7:55 pm
operatives could not answer that question in unison tells you exactly to your point, larry, that they've got a real problem on their hand. so now they're trying to regrum and reast the question. but the underlying question remains the same. you know, four years ago, i get it. you inherited a mess, but the responsibility and the opportunity for leadership is to fix it, or at least put us on a pathway to fix it. you talked about on your program countless times the number of false starts on job creation. the big promises that one more summit, we're going to have another meeting. that's not going to work anymore. >> jimmy, look, there is a gigantic opening now. people know obama is a man of the left and they know his solutions on the economy haven't worked. but jimmy, this is tuesday. i'm still worried that mitt romney did not make the economic growth tax cutting, spending
7:56 pm
reduction case. on the economy, did he make the growth case, jim? at the end of the campaign was the republican national convention, i would say he made a huge mistake. he didn't spend a lot of time on detail. they'll pound those points home, how he's going to cut spending, modernize government. and extremely importantly, how his tax cuts will boost jobs, boost incomes and create more economic growth. people have to know there's a light at the end of the tunnel. >> romney had a good convention. he's done a lot of things well. his own introduction, you know, the jepder gap business, his defense of bain, he made points on that. but i'm not sure he got the economic growth message. he never mentioned his 20% tax cut, michael steele, and that troubles me a little bit. that's a huge contrast. right, obama wants to raise taxes and here's romney who
7:57 pm
wants to cut them. and romney has to explain to people why it's a luge contrast. >> that's one area he needed to become a little bit specific. that would have kbn an important point for him to make. >> thank you, gentlemen. that's it for this evening's show. thanks for watching. we will do much more about the charlotte convention next few days. including tomorrow night. free market capitalism is still the best path to prosperity. maybe there's a democrat who will listen to that. want to try to crack it? yeah, that's the way to do it!
7:58 pm
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